I started working with Debbie after I had my second son. I had put on some weight and struggled my whole life with chronic stomach pain. My last pregnancy was really hard as I was sick the entire time. When I met Debbie I was tired of feeling sick and constantly exhausted. I was blown away with Debbie after our first meeting. She truly cares about her clients and wants them to succeed. Debbie worked with me by starting slow. We cut out a few things at first and worked up to a larger long term goal. I also worked with Debbie to discover that I have a long list of foods that I am allergic to. Who would have known? All of these years I have had chronic stomach pain and inflammation because I was eating food that I was allergic to! Fast forward a few months and I am no longer in pain, I have zero inflammation and I have lost 40 pounds! I could not have made this life change without Debbie! I am deeply grateful that she was able to help me change my relationship with food!


Debbie Lunnon brings incredible knowledge, wisdom and compassion to each coaching session. During a time of high stress, I first sought Debbie out for counseling in nutrition. I left not only with practical and obtainable goals for my nutritional health but also with renewed hope and plenty of encouragement.

What I didn’t expect, but quickly discovered, is that Debbie is highly effective at recognizing patterns and providing emotional support. For me, she has been more successful at creating real changes than my traditional therapy, and I look very forward to my sessions. She understands the body/mind/spirit connection and has offered transformational support in the healing of the whole self. I am deeply grateful. Debbie is the absolute best coach for navigating gracefully through life!

Working Mom of Two Young Children

I started working with Debbie after getting back from studying abroad. I had put on quite a bit of weight and although I had always been heavy, I felt like I had lost control of my weight and needed a drastic change. I wasn’t looking for a quick fix. I wanted to make a life change.

Debbie helped me understand the effects different foods have on my body and which foods help me feel best and encourage a healthier lifestyle. She inspired me with my workouts too. With the new way I’m eating and exercising, I’ve been able to increasingly drop weight and keep it off. I’m so happy that I made the step to find Debbie and reach out to her for help. She has been so supportive! When I have days that I am struggling I am so appreciative that I can pick up the phone and give her a call or text and she is always quick to respond and get me back on track.

Not only has Debbie helped me with my weight loss, she has also helped me gain a new sense of confidence and self-esteem. She does this through her constant support and genuine care for her clients. To date, I am pleased to say that I have lost 30 pounds and continue to lose more. I truly do not believe I would have reached my goals without her help. Debbie is the utmost professional, yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients. I am thrilled to be working with her!


Debbie provided multiple workshops and consultations for my clients' corporate wellness programs. She is reliable, highly approachable and has an innate ability to motivate people and present information in the best manner for each specific audience. She receives rave reviews from individuals who have participated in her services outside of the corporate environment as well. I highly recommend her.

Kristin Myren
Health & Wellness Manager, Elevation Corporate Health

I visited my doctor and my blood tests revealed I had developed type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I had to begin taking four different medications and knew it was time for me to make changes. That’s when I found Debbie Lunnon. She put me on the right path by helping me learn to eat differently and begin exercising.

In five months, I lost 35 pounds and my doctor took me off all of my medications. Debbie helped me make changes in how I eat and how I live that are now habits for me. I know now that I have more control over my health than I ever thought was possible. Thank you, Debbie!


I’ve known and worked with Debbie for over 10 years. She has done an absolutely incredible job advising me on making healthy choices and getting in shape through several phases of my life - getting married, having kids and keeping healthy while raising two young ones. Recently, Debbie introduced me to a cleansing program and I lost 25 pounds. I’ve kept the weight off and I feel better than ever. I am forever grateful for Debbie’s knowledge, motivation and commitment to helping me not only achieve my health and weight goals, but exceed them. Thank you Debbie!


When I met Debbie, I had already lost some weight but with her help I have lost 100 pounds. Debbie worked with me in making simple easy changes in my diet, gradually, so I never felt overwhelmed. I hardly noticed the changes. She also helps keep my head ‘on track’. I will continue to work with Debbie even after I meet my goals. She is not just a life coach she is a friend.


Debbie is someone who I have recommended ever since I met her. She is sincere, understanding, and a great listener. She speaks with a wealth of knowledge and she has completely changed my eating behaviors. When I first went in to see her, I brought a food journal I kept for a couple of days. I have to admit, I was pretty proud of what I had on this journal, lots of foods that I considered healthy. However, after learning how much sugar I was consuming I was shocked!

Debbie educated me in a way that has made such an impact in my life. By gaining knowledge and understanding of healthy eating patterns and supplements, I immediately started feeling more energized and alive! Debbie gave me life long tools to empower myself and my health!

Children’s Yoga Specialist

I went to see Debbie because I wanted basic insight into how I could eat healthier. Little did I know what a big education I was in for. I had digestive issues that I had lived with and had come accustomed to, like bloating, gas, and occasional diarrhea. Debbie asked me to log what I was eating. She identified foods that were causing me these digestive problems, foods that I didn’t have any idea could be an issue, such as diary products and gluten. She suggested that I refrain from dairy products for awhile and see how I felt. It was amazing -- the gas and bloating were gone. I replaced cow's milk with coconut, almond and rice milk and now I do not even miss the dairy.

I had a lab test confirm that I am gluten intolerant. Refraining from gluten products also confirmed how much better I feel without gluten in my system. The adjustment to this was a bigger change than the dairy because there are so many more foods that contain gluten. However, the fact that I am now without those symptoms is the motivator to make this a permanent lifestyle change.


I have been working with Debbie for the past few months and have learned so much about the things I was doing to sabotage weight loss.  With the simple changes in the way I was eating along with the ideas for good, healthy options throughout my day, I have lost 9 pounds and am on track to keep losing as I incorporate weights in my exercise routine.  Debbie's ability to focus on those trouble areas in my diet and give great advice on things to do differently really have helped me in the process. She is a wonderful encourager and I so appreciate all the advice and tips she has given me.  These are lifetime changes and they are doable!


I am soon to be fifty-six years of age. In that time, I have lost over 70 pounds the safe, the healthy and the sensible way. Debbie’s combination of sensible, safe, nutritious eating along with the right combination of supplements and exercise has made my life style change easy.

Debbie has taught me how to read labels, purchase unprocessed foods and what type of exercise I need to keep me strong and healthy. Debbie tailors my program to my needs and she does not believe in my being so regimented that I lose focus and interest and go back to my old, bad habits. I look forward to continuing working with Debbie not only to help me reach my goal weight, but also to help me maintain it in a safe, sensible and healthy way.


I originally went to see Debbie because I was gaining and losing the same 5 lbs and wanted to make some lifestyle changes.  I really liked Debbie’s approach of making small, but lasting changes.  Over the course of 8 weeks I met with Debbie several times and was able to lose about 10 lbs, but more importantly change my eating habits.  The habits were small and slow, but reinforced with the time that I spent with Debbie.  I recommend Debbie as she is very knowledgeable and helped me significantly.


Debbie has helped me lose almost 15 lbs in the last couple of months. If you are struggling with weight loss, belly fat, or blood sugar issues, I couldn't recommend her more!! Thank you Debbie!


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