Additional Services

Additional Services featuring a Personalized Grocery Shopping Tour and Label Reading:

Take the guesswork out of shopping as you learn how to get through the store quickly, discovering new options and making healthful food choices. During our shopping tour, we’ll devote time to understanding what’s on the label and what to look for when deciding what to buy. Labels can be deceptive. Learning to read and understand what’s listed and to read between the lines will assure that you make the best choices.

Additional Services featuring a Kitchen and Pantry Makeover:

It’s much easier to cook and eat well when you have healthy ingredients at your fingertips—and when the unhealthy processed foods aren’t anywhere in sight. Let’s go through your cupboards, eliminate the junk food and replace it with tasty, good-for-you foods!

Additional Services featuring Cooking Classes:

Want some help with cooking? We can schedule one or more personal 2-1/2 hour cooking classes in my kitchen or yours. With additional services in the kitchen, side by side, I’ll help you make the process of cooking good foods easy and doable.

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